Halloween is surprisingly close, and we've had some suitably themed titles arrive on the Switch eShop in recent times. Perception - developed by The Deep End Games - has got its timing bang on, however, as it'll arrive on 31st October in North America and Europe; its US price will be $14.99USD.

This only arrived on other platforms earlier this year and was received quite positively; as you can see in the trailer below, it takes the first-person scary house trope and adds a twist. The protagonist is blind, so you can only see the surroundings in limited details and outlines, effectively using sound as your guide.

Though the game is relatively new, this will actually be an 'enhanced' version, which other system owners that already own the game will get as a free update. The original game will still be there as the 'Spooky' mode, but there'll also be a tougher 'Scary' mode where death puts you back to the start of the game. On the flipside 'Story' mode won't have any death at all, allowing you to explore the environment without fear of a game over.

Beyond that the developers have worked hard to address feedback - the following is via Eurogamer:

Elsewhere, Perception's remaster will offer balance changes, new checkpoints, an overhauled warning system, and other core adjustments. There are new audio effects and recorded dialogue to "enhance immersion and clarify narrative", and story elements have been reworked to "emphasise the story's themes of control, judgment and oppression".

"We knew we were taking a lot on with a story that spans hundreds of years", Perception writer Amanda Gardner says of the new version, "We feel that the original version did not read the way we anticipated. This game is an homage to women overcoming both oppression and society's expectations, and we believe in the remastered version, this is much more clear."

It looks rather intriguing; are you planning to give this a try during Halloween?

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