In what is now likely to be a regular update, we've been checking out which games are out early in this download week. With solid support for the Switch eShop we have release dates planned to tie-in with retail arrivals or multi-platform downloads; in crowded weekly release schedules 'early' arrivals can therefore fall through the cracks. We don't want that to happen, do we?

Last week's equivalent brought us four early games in the week, but this week we're up to five. They'll all be live through the course of the day (likely morning in North America, afternoon in Europe) - let's get to it.

Perception (Deep End Games) - $14.99USD / £12.99

A definite win for marketing and savvy timing. This only arrived on other platforms earlier this year and was received quite positively; as you can see in the trailer above it takes the first-person scary house trope and adds a twist. The protagonist is blind, so you can only see the surroundings in limited details and outlines, effectively using sound as your guide. This is an enhanced edition that includes three options for playing the campaign and various adjustments designed to improve on the original.

King Oddball - (10tons) - $4.99USD - £3.99

This actually arrived on 30th October. You take control of a boulder (the King of boulders it would seem) with the aim of using your ridiculously long tongue to lick up other, smaller boulders, before launching them at tanks and helicopters. Despite sounding like something we've made up for the world's earliest (or latest) April Fools article, the game is very much real and actually looks like a whole lot of fun.

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch (Ubisoft) - $39.99USD / £29.99

One of the first games Ubisoft actually announced for the Switch, it's now finally ready to make its entrance. Yep, it's virtual Monopoly, though you can also customise rules and play shortened Special Goals games if you or the system's battery are running out of time. 

Monster Jam: Crush It! (Game Mill) - $39.99USD / £35.99

Based on the PS4 and Xbox One title from 2016, this chaotic racer features more than 30 maps covering forest, desert, winter and farm environments. You'll also find 84 skill challenges and 12 "authentic" events. There are also 6 officially licensed Monster Jam stadiums included, if you're keen on that kind of thing.

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (Game Mill) - $39.99USD / £35.99

Previously on 3DS, this beat 'em up-style title takes various IPs from the famous network and mashes them up into one adventure; it can be tackled solo or in local co-op. 

Those are your fresh eShop arrivals - will you pick any of these up?