It's not long now until Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon arrive in store; they're all set to be big hits for the 3DS; for those fully invested in the latest generation they'll be tough to ignore.

The Pokémon Company has now released a localised version of a story trailer that made its debut in Japan a few weeks ago - it sets up a fairly dramatic storyline.

In addition early details have supposedly leaked from the next Famitsu magazine, so potential spoilers ahead.

With that warning out of the way, below is a summary on the apparent revelations from our chums at Serebii.

It confirms that the game is further detailed than people believe, with there being further post-game story content than before, saying it is far more in-depth than Pokémon Platinum and that the story is twice that of Pokémon Sun & Moon's. It also states that catching and training Pokémon will have elements to make it easier to obtain compared to Sun & Moon. It also confirms that you will encounter various Legendary Pokémon through the Ultra Wormholes when you travel through portals on Solgaleo & Lunala, including Legendary Pokémon, noting the possibility of Mewtwo.

Are you excited about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon heading to 3DS? What do you think of information suggesting that there'll be a lot of new story to explore? Let us know in the comments.