FIFA 18 is finally with us, and if you've already consulted our exhaustive review then you'll know that, despite missing some key features, it's the best football (soccer if you're in North America) game we've seen on a Nintendo system in years.

While it was always clear that the Switch version wouldn't be a match for its current-gen rivals in the visual stakes, it's always interesting to compare how they shape up - especially when you take into account that the Nintendo version is one you can take with you on the road, making the graphical standard on display seem even more impressive.

As you can see from the footage, the Switch version does lose a lot of visual detail when compared to the PS4 edition, but what's really important is that from a gameplay perspective the Nintendo offering is a very, very close match; the controls are the same and the whole thing "flows" almost identically on both systems - and that's perhaps the biggest achievement here, even if Nintendo owners don't get the swanky new "Journey" story mode.

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