In recent times, the Hot Wheels brand has collaborated with a number of well-known video game franchises. The Super Mario series has received its own custom Hot Wheels line and games like Rocket League have even featured iconic Hot Wheels by including the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill as in-game download content.

The trend doesn’t look as if it will be stopping any time soon, with the team behind Minecraft announcing it has partnered with Mattel to release a new range of Minecraft themed Hot Wheels cars.

These new cars in the Minecraft line include an Enderman limo, Creeper rat rod, demolition derby Zombie car, Iron Golem garbage truck and a holler truck that can carry a race car on its back to represent a Skeleton riding a Spider.

Minecraft Hot Wheels.jpg

Hot Wheels designer Bryan Benedict – who spent 10 years in the automotive industry designing cars before arriving at Mattel – shared his thoughts about the design choices made when creating the latest batch of Minecraft cars: 

Enderman kind of wanders around aimlessly right? So it’s sort of like a lowrider vehicle that you would expect to be wandering around, just kind of cruising around... and then of course it’s got the block exposed in the trunk, with the trunk half open so you can see the block hidden in there, [because] it’s always carrying a block around.

Creeper was fun because it's this, as the name would suggest, kind of creepy character. I thought a rat-rod really felt like it got to that sort of gritty creepiness, and then a vehicle like that enabled me to have an exposed engine, which I then was able to translate as the TNT block. So it’s the TNT block itself which serves as the engine for the car.

For more insight about the design choices made, you can read about it directly on the Minecraft page.

This latest line of Minecraft Hot Wheels cars will launch this October, with more details promised to be released soon. Let us know if any of these sweet rides tempt you in the comments below. 

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