While the humble 3DS is overshadowed somewhat is our day to day news coverage, we've still got a lot of love for the little handheld that could. We've still got Metroid: Samus Returns, Monster Hunter StoriesPokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and lots more coming this year.

So now might be a great time to replace that battered 3DS you have with the ultimate version: a Super Nintendo-styled New 3DS XL. This limited edition is now available for preorder on Amazon UK for £179.99. This will ship within Europe, but there are sadly no plans to release the console in North America.

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Other than the fact it looks amazing, here are some other things to remember about the New 3DS XL, via PR fluff:

  • Enjoy amiibo functionality with a range of Nintendo 3DS titles thanks to the built-in NFC reader/write
  • Nintendo 3DS XL allows you to play your entire 3DS and DS library
  • A second analogue stick and two extra shoulder buttons make for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Enhanced processing power means significantly faster loading times, download speeds and browsing
  • Maximise your gaming experience: The New Nintendo 3DS XL features the biggest screen of any 3DS to date

Available from 13th October, will you be pre-ordering this bad boy?