ARMS Update

The latest notable news in ARMS was the recent addition of Lola Pop—a brand new, clown-themed fighter—alongside an associated stage, new ARMS, and various balancing tweaks. Nintendo sure isn’t slowing down with the updates though, as it’s already prepped and released a new patch that makes a series of notable tweaks to the core game.

The biggest change is that Sparring Ring has now been added as a fully playable stage, and can be accessed in Ranked Matches. Also, there have been a series of bug fixes and tweaks to Ninjara and certain ARMS. Here’s the full list from the patch notes:

·  The versus stage Sparring Ring can now be selected.

  • It’s a square stage without gimmicks, used in the Warm-Up minigame.
  • Enjoy some serious bouts while enjoying the soundtrack of the ARMS Official Song (Electro-dance Ver.).
  • Sparring Ring will also appear as a stage in Ranked Match.

·  Fixed an issue in Hedlok Scramble where sometimes Guardian and Clapback ARMS would fail to expand.

·  Fixed issue where the rewards for 1-on-100 would change if played while searching for a Ranked Match.

·  Adjusted some fighters and ARMS as shown below.

Fighters / Arms



After getting some advice from a Ninja College alum, distance traveled when performing a mid-air mist warp has increased. Mid-air mist warp” refers to the ninja technique performed by dashing after jumping.


Increased retraction speed.


Increased extension speed.


Increased extension speed. Decreased retraction speed.


Increased retraction speed.


Increased retraction speed. Adjusted how damage multipliers for Rush attacks function.Total damage when connecting with all hits is unchanged.


Increased the time span from exceeding a target until retraction. Adjusted how damage multipliers for Rush attacks function. Total damage when connecting with all hits is unchanged. Fixed issue during online play when Rush damage would increase under certain conditions. Fixed an issue where at times an opponent’s throw could be deflected with a successfully completing throw attack.


Decreased Rush attack damage.


Decreased curving.

Phoenix Thunderbird

Decreased homing.

Nade Tribolt Chakram

Decreased speed of charge attacks.


What do you think? Do you like the changes that have been made? How long do you think it’ll be before another new fighter gets added? Share your thoughts in the comments below.