NBA 2K18

It's fair to say that 2K Sports' NBA 2K18 hasn't got off to the best of starts on the Switch, not for everyone at least, with players reporting problems with corrupted save files. Our reviewer has also found various other issues to date, with garbled sound during some cutscenes and playback of other scenes sometimes being out of sync at times.

We reached out to 2K Sports yesterday and it acknowledged the issues raised with them, and gave us this - rather cautious - official statement regarding fixes:

We are working through bugs on the new platform and hope to address all major issues via patching.

Our contact also said the 2K customer support team are working through isolated incidents via @2KSupport and their support website, so if you are having problems with the game you might want to reach out to 2K directly. 

Here is some info about recovering lost data:

If you have picked up the game let us know how it's going so far down in the comments..