Friend or foe?

For decades the endless debate on which is better - the Mega Drive / Genesis or the SNES - has raged. These two 16-bit powerhouses presided over one of the most popular periods in the history of video gaming; they sold millions and established gaming as one of the most successful entertainment mediums in the world.

Little wonder then that few can categorically decide on which console won the war; while Nintendo had the upper hand in pure sales figures and boasted some of the best RPGs ever seen, Sega's console played host to amazing arcade-style releases and was dominant in Europe; it even managed to out-sell Nintendo in North America at one point, something that during the NES period would have been totally inconceivable.

To settle this debate once and for all, UK-based newspaper The Guardian is assembling a panel of "vintage video game experts, as well as programmers and designers who made some of the classic titles of the era" to finally answer this most burning of questions. The panel will take place at Guardian HQ in London on Thursday 28th September, and attendees can expect "lively debate, thrilling nostalgia and lots of talk about sprite scaling and colour palettes the likes of which hasn't been heard or even considered since 1993".

Interested in attending? Then check out the official page. Tickets cost £15, plus a £1.10 booking fee. Game On.