Sonic Mania is a absolutely amazing game; this love letter to the classic 16-bit Sonic games hits all the right notes and is great value for £15.99 / $19.99.

Of course many 16-bit fans are also collectors, and SEGA was only too happy to take advantage of this with the slightly ludicrously-priced Collector's Edition, which includes a download code for the game, not an actual cart.

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While this is a bit pricey, especially in the UK. We have to admit the 12" Classic Sonic Statue featuring a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Base is quite nice. Who wouldn't want that on their gaming shelf?

When these arrived in the mail to eager gamers, social media was full of folks excitedly flipping the power switch to trigger the classic "SEEGAA" startup audio.

However, Twitter user JoJo was a bit curious about what was inside this collector's statue and decided to have a look:

It comes as no surprise that the electronics inside are quite modest, but it must have come as a bit of a shock to find that there was an LED light which was not wired up.

Thankfully JoJo has some soldering skills and connected the LED to the circuit board; lo and behold it works.

Here's how it functions now when turning on and off the power on the statue:

We have to say it's amazing that SEGA's manufacturing partner cut corners like this when producing such an expensive collector's item to go along with Sonic Mania. Presumably they were in a rush to fulfil all the online orders in time so the wiring to the LED was sacrificed. But hey, at least you've got that "SEEGAA" startup audio right?