Occasionally we do live blogs of events and streams that turn out to be disasters on an epic scale. Examples that spring to mind include the first 'VGX' awards, and basically any live show by SEGA. Famously, SEGA did at least two 'announcements for an announcement' that culminated in the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party in July last year. A game reveal and fun times were promised, and as Sonic fans many of us tuned in with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

The headlines from the event were actually rather good, with the reveals of Sonic Mania (at that point tempered on these pages by the lack of 'NX' confirmation) and Sonic Forces, which was confirmed for Nintendo's machine. You may wonder how a Sonic stream with two game announcements could be bad, but it truly was. It was beset by technical problems - which were explained later on - and by some utterly bizarre segments including what seemed to be actual advertising for some stuffed nachos. For this UK-based live blogger it seemed like a fever dream, especially as it ran from about 1am to 4am UK time. If you want to chart a descent into madness and to see a chronicle of how weird the event was, check out our live blog from the time.

In addition to the oddball meme-centric style of the party, which wasn't all intentional, it has become infamous for the annoying buzzing frequency that made all viewers appreciate the challenges of those suffering from hearing problems like tinnitus. It went on for AGES. 'Highlights' are below (warning, there's a little bit of swearing), which features the offending noise.

More highlights...

In any case, the attentive folk over at Digital Foundry and Eurogamer have realised that the party is referenced in Sonic Mania, making it a rather delicious Easter Egg that had rather passed us by initially. At the end of the second boss in Studiopolis a large screen goes to static, and if you listen closely the exact same buzzing from the 25th Anniversary Party can be heard; the screen also shows the date of the party.

Sonic Mania developers, we salute you.