The saga around AM2R, a hugely impressive fan-made Metroid 2 remake, was a divisive one in 2016. Acclaimed by fans of the series, the free download was then targeted by aggressive takedowns through Nintendo, while it had a 2016 Game Awards nomination revoked in what many assumed was due to pressure from the big N.

For his part, the game's creator - Milton 'DoctorM64" Guasti - was entirely accepting about the fate of the project. He urged fans not to blame Nintendo and spoke of "their legal obligation to protect their IP". He also spoke warmly about Metroid: Samus Returns after it was unveiled at E3.

In any case, projects like these - even when taken down - can bring opportunities. Via the AM2R Twitter account Guasti confirmed that he's now found work utilising his skills, as a level designer on Xbox One / Windows 10 exclusive Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Its predecessor was warmly received, with the sequel being a key part of Microsoft's messaging on exclusive content for its platforms.

It seems like a happy ending for an evidently talented game maker.