We've been looking into button reinforcement mods for our Switch controllers recently, as they'll get a heavy workout with the arrival of Fire Emblem Warriors (don't forget the YYYYYX combo). That aside, it seems like a very natural marriage of IPs, and with its release creeping ever closer Koei Tecmo continues to arrange steady reveals - in Japan at least.

This week's upcoming Famitsu issue will have another preview of the game, and it seems to confirm two new playable characters - Cordelia and Female Robin.

FE Famitsu.png
Image: Famitsu

These are new additions beyond those characters shown in a flashy trailer earlier this Summer, and also clarifies that it's not just the male Robin in the roster.

Due at the end of September in Japan and 'Fall / Autumn' in the West, this should be a notable arrival for the Switch and, of course, also the New Nintendo 3DS. Are you looking forward to its release?

[source perfectly-nintendo.com]