iRetrogamer's Tyler Esposito has a wealth of home movie recordings made by his late father, who was gaming mad and got his son hooked on all kinds of interactive entertainment.

His latest offering focuses on two Nintendo products with totally different fates - the Game Boy and the Virtual Boy. The former would sell millions and establish Nintendo's dominance of the portable arena, while the latter was a commercial flop which was phased out after less than a year on sale.

As ever, it's great watching this original footage and it really takes us back to when we were equally obsessed with our Game Boy and took it everywhere with us. As the clip shows, the console was owned by virtually every self-respecting gamer of the '90s and the hardware was updated several times.

However, the Virtual Boy would face a very different response. The system didn't capture the attention of players and was discontinued soon after launch. It's amusing to hear the elder Esposito get excited about how cheap the Virtual Boy was compared to its original retail price - by this point, retailers were dumping stock after it was clear the machine was a total failure.