It's a long way down

Aside from a few hiccups here and there—such as the infamous DS Lite hinge cracking issue—Nintendo has had an extremely strong record over the years of crafting some extremely durable hardware. After all, how could we forget that Game Boy unit in the Nintendo World Store that survived a carpet bombing in the Gulf War? And after watching a fascinating new video on Youtube, we can confidently say that the Switch lives up to that durability standard. has been doing a series of videos wherein they take various pieces of tech, attach them to a drone, and drop them from around a thousand feet. Just today, they posted a video where the Switch is subjected to this test, and it came out on the other side quite impressively. The left joy-con—amusingly the one that faces hardware troubles the most—was completely smashed in the impact, but the Switch otherwise worked completely fine. Clearly, somebody has installed the most recent stability update.

What do you think? Have you dropped your Switch yet? How long does Nintendo hardware usually last for you? Drop us a comment in the section below.