Ubisoft caused a huge stir at the end of its E3 2017 press conference by unveiling Beyond Good & Evil 2, with a visibly emotional Michel Ancel coming on stage to talk about the game.

What we got, primarily, was a glitzy cinematic trailer.

We were told it's set before the original game in 'System 3', before the birth of Jade. It's a distant solar system, where corporations create hybrids to enslave and colonise the stars; the crew you see are fighting for freedom. Ancel promised a "seamless online playground" with a huge galaxy to explore.

No platforms were given as the game is clearly in its early stages. It was once rumoured for Switch, but naturally there are concerns that such an ambitious game would struggle to run on the system. That said, the newly announced Starlink: Battle for Atlas is also notable in scope and is coming to Switch. Some are speculating it'll feature in the Nintendo Spotlight, based upon a previous source that was correct:

It could be a bit of a wait for this one (or not, if Laura Kate Dale is right), but no doubt there are a lot of gamers excited by this news.