A Kickstarter campaign has begun for arcade-style puzzle-platformer Eskimo Bob. The throwback game is intended for release directly onto the NES and will include 64 levels, 15 types of enemies and two playable characters.

As Bob and Alfonzo you will try to gather all the fish in the land whilst trying to stop the evil Martian invaders. Both characters control similarly but each has a slight difference with Bob receiving greater mobility and Alfonzo having the ability to poke things with his stick (because why not?). 

Keeping with tradition a fully functional password system will allow you to save progression "the good old-fashioned way". A demo is already available letting you try out the game's first eight levels. Eskimo Bob was originally created through a series of animated episodes in the early noughties and now intends to make his debut on the beloved NES. 

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to make the game available on NES cartridges for backers and fans alike. As previously stated Eskimo Bob is being made with the NES in mind, however if the Kickstarter is a success the game will also be made available for PC through Steam with all backers receiving a digital copy. 

Below owner and creator Tomas Guinan details his history with Eskimo Bob:

Eskimo Bob is a series of Flash cartoons that was popular on Newgrounds in the early 2000s. It's a series that has always had a special place in my heart, because I'm one of the guys who made it! Anyone familiar with Eskimo Bob knows that the series was filled with references to the classic Nintendo games of my childhood, and making an Eskimo Bob game for the NES has always been a dream of mine. Well, now that dream has become a reality. 

As one of the creators of Eskimo Bob, I wanted to be sure that this game would be true to the spirit of the original series instead of feeling like a retread of an existing NES franchise. Bob ends each level with a huge burp, Alfonzo pokes things with his stick, the fish in a spaceship grabs you with his claw, and Maurice the pigeon poops on your head. Every gameplay mechanic was designed to feel familiar and natural to both fans of the original series and newcomers alike.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter is sat at over $3,000 (CAD) with a goal of $7000, with an end date for the campaign being Thursday 8th June. Providing the goal is met, Eskimo Bob is estimated for release in January 2018

What do you think to Eskimo Bob? Will you be funding the Kickstarter? 

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