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The 3DS isn't finished yet, based upon its recent performance and Nintendo's estimates for the current financial year. The system may be slowly winding down, but the extraordinary sales of Pokémon Sun and Moon, in particular, helped drive the portable's sales trends upwards and evidently gave Nintendo confidence for the coming year - its lifetime sales have now passed 66 million in total.

In the last financial year - up to 31st March - there were 7.27 million 3DS systems shipped, nearly half a million units higher than the year before. In total seven games sold over one million copies but the key performers were Sun and Moon, which between them shipped 15.44 million copies up to the end of March.

As for the next financial year, Nintendo is estimating 6 million 3DS systems getting shipped, which would be a new low for the console but thoroughly respectable at its current point of life. Intriguingly, Nintendo estimates that 40 million 3DS games will be sold in this financial year, higher than the Switch number (35 million). Though there are some high profile 3DS titles to come, and that estimate is down from the 55 million games sales of the last financial year, we'd suggest this may point to at least one high profile game yet to be announced for the portable.

In any case, it's clear that the 3DS isn't going anywhere quite yet. Nintendo has repeated its goal to expand the portable's audience among women and children, in particular, and based on the figures it clearly believes that's a reasonable target.

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