Snake Pass is a game in a genre of its own. Employing realistic (but not too realistic) physics with the curiously complicated and alien movement of our legless reptile friends, it's an experience like no other. In some ways it reminds this writer especially of games like Surgeon Simulator that task you with battling the controls to reach your goal. Unlike the previously mentioned however Snake Pass feels fairer, in that whenever a mistake is made and you tumble softly into the abyss below you're painfully aware that it's your fault, not the fault of the physics engine.

That could be in part thanks to Unreal Engine 4, which is now a viable option for developers of the Nintendo Switch. But how does Snake Pass run on Nintendo's machine? For all you frame rate aficionados out there it runs at a pretty solid 30fps and what appears to be an upscaled 720p resolution when docked, but when you're having as much fun as we are in the video above we're not sure you'll care about the numbers in the slightest.