The excitement surrounding Fire Emblem Heroes - Nintendo's most recent foray into the world of smartphone gaming - may have died down a little since launch, but plenty of people are still playing it - although some of them don't seem to be following the rules.

Nintendo has issued a statement via the game's notification system which reads:

Thank you for playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

Since the release of the game, we've detected improper use from some players. Countermeasures are being employed to address this, including temporarily limiting access to certain features.

Players who are subject tot these countermeasures will receive a notification in the "To you" section of the game's notifications.

We asks all our players to abide by the User Agreement, including the Code of Conduct, as they continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes.

What could Nintendo possibly mean by this? Have you encountered any issues with other players breaking rules in the game? What do you think Nintendo's warning relates to? Let us know with a comment.