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There's nothing like a good mistake to set chins wagging, and that's exactly what happened when GameSpot posted footage for the next helping of Dark Souls 3 DLC - and listed it as "Captured on Switch" in the video's opening segment.

The footage was quickly seized upon by optimistic fans, who pointed out that not only has FromSoftware been officially confirmed as working on Switch content, but also that rumours were circulating a while back that Dark Souls 3 is in development for Nintendo's new console.

That may well still be the case, but this footage sadly isn't proof of that as GameSpot's has kindly confirmed the error:

Hopefully you didn't get your hopes up based on this footage; in the meantime tell us if you'd love to play a Souls game on your Switch - or if you think the series is better suited to traditional home consoles - by posting a comment below.