As any true-blooded American will tell you, sporting events don't come much bigger than the Super Bowl, and the TV commercials shown during this particular match are guaranteed an audience of millions. That makes Nintendo's new commercial - which is to be shown during this year's Super Bowl - all the more impressive; this is the company really sending out the big guns to push the console at launch.

The extended cut of the commercial - which you can watch above - has a real focus on the console's local multiplayer potential, with games such as ARMS, Ultra Street Fighter II, 1-2-Switch and Just Dance 2017 being shown off. However, it also gives screen time to Splatoon 2, illustrating the online play that is part of that particular release, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the console's big single-player experience.

Advertising during the Super Bowl is something of a departure for Nintendo, although it may have taken note of the amazing response to last year's popular "Train On" Pokémon ad. Here's what Nicolas Chavez, Nintendo of America's Vice President of Marketing, had to say about the Switch commercial:

The most anticipated video game system and video game of the year will be seen on the biggest stage of the year. Nintendo Switch will change how, when and where people play games. It's only fitting that we're changing how, when and where we advertise those games.

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