Last year we voiced the opinion that Wii U owners should be thankful for Lego Dimensions, which has kept the console alive with its expansion packs despite other titles drying up. Even though the Switch is less than a month away, Wii U owners can still look forward to more block-busting content with the release of a new wave of packs, some of which focus on the recently-released Lego Batman Movie.

The trailer above shows the story pack related to that film, which is basically the only way to "play" the movie as there isn't an accompanying stand-alone video game. This pack is joined by a "fun pack" which contains Excalibur Batman, as well as two other fun packs based on Knight Rider (YES!) and Adventure Time.

Will you be picking any of these packs up, or have you given up collecting Lego Dimensions? Let us know by building a comment (out of words) below.