Rising Star and Office Create have announced the next entry in the popular Cooking Mama series, Sweet Shop. The title is expected to launch on the 3DS eShop and at retail this April, and includes more than 160 different mini-games to master - with the focus this time around being sweets and puddings.

Here's the official PR:

In Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop players make and create a wide assortment of delicious looking sweets and puddings, and serve customers in the shop to keep them happy! There are 60 different recipes to create by taking part in over 160 different mini-games. Players use the stylus and even the microphone to cool, slice, stir, bake and decorate their creations. And just like always, don't worry if you make a mistake - Mama will fix it for you!

Sweets can be arranged and displayed in the sweet shop, to provide to your customers and to keep them happy. The more sweets you create and complete, the more your shop expands. You may even trigger a special event! Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop also features a competitive multiplayer mode for two to four players – challenge your friends and see who can make the tastiest treats.

The Cooking Mama series was massive on the Nintendo DS, but are you interested in playing a sequel in 2017? Let us know by cooking up a comment.