If proof is needed that each country's Nintendo subsidiary works independently of others, then another example has come through some offerings on Amazon UK, presumably with support and assistance from Nintendo UK.

Amazon UK is offering two Nintendo Switch launch titles as download codes, alongside their physical retail alternatives. At present it's only Nintendo first-party releases, and we've checked Amazon UK, France and Germany which aren't offering equivalents. Unsurprisingly both titles are full price, as they surely will be on the eShop, making them more expensive than the boxed versions (for which pricing is more competitive). The product page links are below.

Of course, those looking to pick up download versions would surely be tempted to do so directly on the eShop to secure My Nintendo gold points, though redeeming codes from Amazon UK may also trigger those rewards. It's also worth noting that the Wii U download code for Breath of the Wild is also available on Amazon UK.

Are you planning to go the download route on Switch, or will you stick to cartridges?

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