Double Dragon IV is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC on 30th January in Japan, and seemingly around the same time in the West, and that would normally exclude it from an article here on Nintendo Life. Yet we can't ignore it, because Arc System Works has produced a visual style and gameplay that is basically the same as the NES originals, albeit with more colours and no distracting flicker.

That's not hyperbole, either, check it out below - it's how NES games look with rose-tinted spectacles.

The official website is also well worth a look, as it goes into exhaustive detail on the modes and even the movesets of the characters. The new Tower Mode, in particular, sounds like a fun way to unlock more characters.

Having recently played a bit of Double Dragon II: The Revenge on the NES Mini we can't help but mourn the lack of an eShop release at present. We'd love to see it on Wii U or 3DS, though they're perhaps longshots. Beyond that, hopefully a Switch version is in the works, as this would surely go down well with the Nintendo audience.

Let us know what you think of Double Dragon IV, and its throwback style, in the comments.