Rumours have been circulating for a while now as to when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will finally be released. Estimates have ranged from the Switch launch, to 'Spring' and also 'Summer'.

Fans have been wishing for Zelda will be part of the Switch launch lineup, of course, and now Japanese magazine CoroCoro has apparently pitched in. The image below, seemingly taken directly from the magazine, reads that the game will be released in the Spring of this year. It's worth noting that no official confirmation has yet been given by Nintendo; there's no indication yet that this is a fake scan either, but as we're in the pre-Switch event madness it's worth remaining slightly cautious.

Ultimately a 'Spring' claim joins the list of indicators that the title is nevertheless on track to arrive relatively soon. Retail marketing listing March has been doing to rounds in recent weeks, while art from the game is also prominent in broader Switch displays. Nothing will be 100% clear until Nintendo clarifies, of course.

Whatever the case, we are nearing the Switch presentation due to take place on January 12th / 13th (11pm Eastern / 4am UK time), where there is a high probability an official date will be given.

If Breath of the Wild does make it to the Switch for day one or the longer 'launch window', it would certainly be a high profile arrival.