It's been a year of awesome Anniversary Legendary distributions in the last-gen Pokémon games (as they are now), with some neat 'mon given away for X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Most were distributed via the Nintendo Network, but some were more awkwardly tied to store distributions.

One of these was Arceus in August, but now there's a simple code to get hold of one in the games - you can't have two though, so there's no point in trying if you already got one earlier in the year. You simply redeem the code ARCEUS2016 in Europe or ARCEUS20 in North America if you want to collect one.

It's worth getting if you didn't have it already; the official profile is below.


Be sure to pick this up. It's worth remembering that the last of these Anniversary distributions, Meloetta, is also available now.

Thanks to everyone who gave us a heads up.