There are some key genres that largely skip Nintendo hardware - sports games are certainly in that mix. But fear not, 3DS fans, as Mini Golf Resort will help to scratch that itch soon - it's coming out on 22nd December in North America ($4.99 in the US), and is aiming for Europe in early 2017.

Of course it's mini golf, so it's all about putting and finding the right angles. Teyon is keen to emphasize that there's plenty of content in this one, with some of its official description copied below; it sounds rather promising, we reckon.


  • Over 1001 holes on 56 courses
  • 4 distinct worlds: Pirate's Bay, Spooky World, Pyramids of Egypt and Legends of Greece
  • A large selection of clubs, clothes and bonuses in the golf shop
  • 10 player trophies and 8 special power-up bonuses
  • Full character customization

There's no official trailer yet, so the following video has some useful tips if you want to master the art of mini golf.

Sadly there's no multiplayer confirmed, probably because it's a bit too intense.

Are you tempted to take a swing at this one during the festive period?