While the Wii U didn't receive the discounts many were anticipating this year, Nintendo of America has come through with an after-holiday deal for its 32GB Deluxe System which comes with Nintendo Land; it's a refurbished unit for $200.

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You can buy a system from Nintendo here.

These Wii U's are straight from Nintendo themselves, and considering how many of these are going for well over $350 for the system alone, it's nice to think that there's a chance to get one for a cheaper price-point since manufacturing was announced to be ending a couple weeks ago.

If you decide to pick one up, make sure you check out some of the system's great backlog. A great place to start is with the 'Nintendo Selects' which are only $20 each in the US.

Are you going to pick one up? What games would you suggest to new-adopters of the system? Let us know in the comments.

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