Zombies Ate My Neighbors came at a time when Konami was really firing on all cylinders. Granted, it wasn't strictly a Konami game - it was developed by LucasArts - but many kids at the time associated it with other classics from the Japanese company, such as Turtles in Time, Castlevania IV and Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

It didn't hurt that this top-down shooter boasted incredible production values and was a lot of fun to boot, and our friends over at iretrogamer are getting in the mood for Halloween by taking a timely look back at both Zombies and its less-than-stellar sequel, Ghoul Patrol.

What are your memories of these games? Were you as disappointed as the iretrogamer team with Ghoul Patrol? Share your thoughts by posting a comment and don't forget to also let us know what games you'll be playing this Halloween.