amiibo Camera

One of the rather surprising announcements in the last Nintendo Direct was that Animal Crossing: New Leaf would be getting a major update this fall. The game is rather long in the tooth by this point in time, but it's getting a shot in the arm with amiibo functionality, 50 new amiibo cards, and new animals. Now, it's been confirmed that another brand new feature is on its way: an amiibo camera.

The announcement came via the game's Japanese Twitter account, though it's not entirely clear what this feature will actually do. Presumably, you'll be able to scan in compatible cards and figures, which can then be integrated into pictures you take with the camera. Though this isn't admittedly doesn't seem to be too significant of a feature, it's nice to see that Nintendo will be adding all sorts of new functionality in the free update.

What do you think? Will you be replaying New Leaf with the new update? What other features would you like added in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.