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The latest Pokémon GO update introduces catch bonuses which improve you chances of bagging that elusive 'mon. This system is based on the existing medal element, where collecting a certain number of monsters earns you an achievement. Only the monster type-related medals have impact on your catch bonus - so ignore the first set of medals which relate to distance walked, and so on.

How Does Pokémon Go's Medals And Catch Bonus Work?

Basically, catching monsters of a certain type will boost your medal rating which means you're more likely to catch that type again in the future. The higher rating the medal has, the stronger the catch bonus will be for that type. If you snag a Pokémon which is blessed with two types, then you'll benefit from a boost to both catch bonuses.

The catch bonus has three stages: Bronze is worth +1, Silver is +2 and Gold is +3. Veteran players will be pleased that there's finally a reward for bagging all of those low-level monsters, and the other good news is that these bonuses are added retrospectively based on how many 'mon types you've already caught in the game. If you've already caught enough Pidgeys and Weedles, then you'll get the catch bonus as soon as you apply the update - you don't have to start over from scratch.

Complete Pokémon Go Medals and Catch Bonuses list

Each Medal in has Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The better the medal, the better the catch bonus - simple! Remember that it's only monster type medals which offer any bonus.

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How have you been getting on with this new system? Has it enabled you to catch a monster which has thus far eluded you? Let us know by posting a comment below.