WarioWare Smooth Moves

The WarioWare series is easily one of the weirdest in Nintendo's stable, centered around a broad array of crazy minigames created by Wario and all his weird friends. After its initial debut on the GBA, it's had an entry on every console since – with the notable exclusion of the 3DS. It's certainly a series unlike anything else, and for those of you that would like something to go along with Game & Wario, another WarioWare game arrives on the VC tomorrow.

WarioWare Smooth Moves will show up on the North American eShop as a retail Wii download. This was the entry that was made for the Wii, and it obviously centers heavily around motion controls. We actually reviewed this one way back in 2007, and thought it was good at the time. Hopefully it's aged as gracefully as other entries in the series, this could be another great party game to add to the collection.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up? Have you played it before? Drop us a comment in the section below.

[source nintendo.com]