Futuridium EP Deluxe is a solid and enjoyable offering on the Wii U eShop, with intense action and psychedelic visuals; we gave it a recommendation in our review. The good news for those that want to play this one on the go is that the New 3DS version is close to release, and it could also be a bargain for existing fans.

Developer MixedBag games has confirmed that the portable iteration (which is only on the New 3DS, not older models) is coming to North America and Europe in the next two weeks, while it'll also have cross-buy with the Wii U version.

Both versions for $7.99 / €7.99 is certainly a good deal, and the developer has also stated that the game runs at 60fps with the 3D effect enabled; considering the gameplay and camera angles in this one it could be rather neat to play in 3D.

Are you tempted to pick this one up on New 3DS?

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