Suica New 3DS.jpg

The New 3DS has some neat tricks hidden within its small shell, one of which is the NFC scanner under the touch screen - it's primarily used for scanning amiibo figures and cards.

In Japan the feature is also used with top-up pay cards, such as those utilised on public transport. This functionality kicked in way back in late 2014 with the Japanese launch of the newer portable, with the following video showcasing how these pre-paid 'IC' cards can be used to buy eShop games in the country (this is also possible on the Wii U GamePad).

Now Capcom has announced it'll be releasing a game to put these cards to use in a more interactive experience. Supporting a wide range of cards - Kitaca, Suica, Pasmo, Toica, Manaca, Icoca, PiTaPa, Sugoca, Nimoca, and Hayakaken - it'll give you items and conversation unlocks based on the travel history logged on the card. 9000+ train stations in Japan will be featured, and it'll be interesting to see how Capcom produces gameplay based on the travel routines of players.

This is never likely to get out of Japan on New 3DS (or the old 3DS with the NFC scanner, if you prefer) - we don't even have the option to use pre-paid NFC cards on eShop purchases in the West - but it's an interesting idea that could inspire broader products in the future.

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