Players of Pokémon X & Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been given regular goodies by The Pokémon Company this year. On a monthly basis there have been new Mythical Pokémon available, and now Darkrai is up for grabs until 24th May.

This time around it's all down to distributions, however, so you'll need to head out to stores for a serial code or, alternatively, find a buddy willing to give you theirs. The breakdown of stores participating is below (thanks, Serebii) while some of the goodies in the image above will definitely be available to buy in GameStop in the US, and potentially elsewhere too.

  • United States - GameStop - May 1st through May 24th
  • Canada - EBGames - May 1st through May 24th
  • United Kingdom - GAME - May 1st through May 24th
  • Australia & New Zealand - EBGames - May 1st through May 24th
  • Spain - GAME - May 1st through May 24th
  • Germany - GameStop - May 2nd through May 24th
  • France - Micromania - May 2nd through May 15th
  • Italy - GameStop - May 1st through May 24th
  • Belgium - FNAC or GameMania - May 1st through May 24th
  • Netherlands - GameMania - May 1st through May 24th
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark - BR Stores - May 12th through July 31st
  • Portugal - FNAC Stores - May 1st through May 24th
  • Poland - In magazine CDAction

Below is an official description of the distributed Darkrai that we shared previously, too.

Darkrai's power comes from its high Speed, its Dark Void attack, and its Bad Dreams Ability. Dark Void can put all adjacent Pokémon to sleep in a Double or Triple Battle, a tactic that has certainly haunted some players' dreams. Dark Void is even more of a nightmare when used by Darkrai, as Darkrai's Bad Dreams Ability deals damage to its sleeping foes at the end of each turn. Bad Dreams can effectively negate an opponent's Focus Sash item or Sturdy Ability by delivering a pretty sizable chunk of extra damage at the end of the turn.

An excellent Special Attack stat enables Darkrai to deal plenty of damage with its special attacks, too. It can also learn Nasty Plot to further increase this stat. Darkrai can learn the reliable and powerful Dark Pulse, as well as Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. Try giving Darkrai a Life Orb to increase its damage, a Focus Sash to use Dark Void more safely, or a Choice Scarf to get Dark Void off quickly in Double or Triple Battles.

Are you planning to add this Mythical Pokémon to your collection?

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