Prism Pets

The success of the eShop on the Wii U paired with the touch screen-centric controller has led to many smart device games (or others of that ilk) popping up on the digital storefront. While many of these may offer experiences that some may call shallow, they represent a side of gaming that's more focused on instant gratification, and it never hurts to see more games coming to Nintendo's storefront.

Soon, we can expect to see a new puzzle game on the Wii U that recently saw launch on iOS and Android. The game is called Prism Pets, and seems to be yet another riff on the admittedly tired formula popularised by 2048. By swiping in four different directions, you consolidate tiles until reaching a desired color, with Prism Pets' gimmick being that it's themed around animals. The gameplay may look like something we've seen before, but the visuals and aesthetics are certainly relaxing; perhaps this could be a game that's best played before going to bed. Check out the announcement trailer below:

The game will be published by Intropy Games for the eShop, and while no release date or window was announced, it's expected "soon".

What do you think? Does this look interesting to you? What's your favorite smartphone game? Share your thoughts the comments below.