It seems that, rather than have one next generation Nintendo system we know nothing solid about (NX), we could have two. A rather out-of-the-blue and otherwise unremarkable financial article coming out of Japan has mentioned the "next generation portable game console MH (Tentative title)" from Nintendo.

That's naturally prompted a lot of chatter among Nintendo fans, of a speculative nature. For one thing we marked our report as a rumour for a reason - one source does not make it a definite reality, and it could simply be a mistake by that original publication. For example, MH could just be a codename for a portable / NX controller, which we've consistently believed to be a strong possibility. We've written on a number of occasions about the common-sense of NX being a potential portable / home console hybrid, satisfying both markets (which have differing strengths depending on the territory) and allowing Nintendo and others to develop one set of games for Nintendo's all-in-one console. Here's one example of our writing on the topic of a unified platform.

It's also possible, though, that this report is simply the first to share a snippet of information that's going around in investor / insider circles, that a dedicated handheld codenamed MH is in the works separately from NX. The latter is due in March 2017, so a prospective 'MH' could perhaps be a product for further down the line. Nintendo continues to state that NX isn't a direct successor to Wii U or 3DS, playing up the fact it'll be a new way to play games, so it's not beyond possibility that a portable device could also be on the cards as an actual 3DS successor.

Lots of ifs, buts and maybes in there, of course, and we may not know for some time whether MH is real, whether it's part of NX, or if it's an entirely different system. It's fascinating to consider the possibilities though, especially as they do - in an indirect way - make us contemplate what we want from Nintendo in future hardware.

We want your thoughts, of course, so let us know where you stand in the polls and comments section below. Is it time for Nintendo to move on from dedicated portable hardware, or should it continue to produce handhelds for generations to come?

Would you like MH to be a standalone replacement for 3DS?
Would you like one unified platform for home and portable, or separate consoles like Wii U / 3DS?
Of these options, which best fits the 'MH' codename? (We nicked some from the comments)