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In late April Nintendo announced plans for some key changes to its corporate structure, introducing an Audit and Supervisory Committee and an Executive Officer System, with the latter leading to new job titles for key management figures. It seems like a move with which company President Tatsumi Kimishima is putting his stamp on the organisation, and it seems more changes are afoot.

Nintendo has updated its investor relations page with a document proposing amendments to its Articles of Incorporation, and like the corporate changes mentioned above these are planned to go into effect on the day of the shareholder AGM on 29th June. Articles of Incorporation essentially reflect the intent of the business in terms of its areas of focus. Beyond changes to the structure of the board the document highlights areas that will be added to these Articles, and they point to some interesting potential plans. The additions are as follows:

  • Development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices
  • Development, manufacturing and sale of computer software
  • Management of and investment in eating establishments, stores and entertainment sites
  • Licensing of intellectual property rights

It's worth noting that the latter two of those bullet points are adjustments to existing entries, as is the second to a degree. The first bullet point is a fresh addition, though, and brings to mind the 'Quality of Life' initiative that, last we heard, is still being worked upon and considered by Nintendo.

Ultimately these changes also reflect the continuing moves by Nintendo to modernise and diversify its business. It's not overtly apparent right now, but with the planned 'Nintendo Land' theme park attraction in Japan, the continual expanded uses of IPs on mobile, and the prospect of movie projects, it's evident that the company is busy laying the groundwork for years to come.

The coming years could be hugely interesting as Nintendo moves into a new generation of hardware and expands with new projects. It'll be fascinating to follow.