Roll up

Nintendo might not be launching its NX console until March 2017 and won't be showing it off at this year's E3, but that hasn't stopped the Australian arm of EB Games opening up pre-orders for the mysterious console.

The store has the NX listed at $999.00 AUS (£520 / $760 US / 667 Euros) which is clearly a placeholder price. However, if you want to place some green down for the new console you'll have to give them at least $100 AUS as a deposit - if you're feeling really flush, you can even pledge the entire amount, but we wouldn't recommend it as NX is unlikely to cost that much.

EB Games also has The Legend of Zelda up for pre-order, but given how far away the actual launch is, both items have been placed in the Wii U section of the store's site.