The UK charts have been rather grim for Nintendo so far in 2016, but this week has thankfully brought some positive news with two new releases making their mark on the top 40.

First of all let's look at Final Fantasy Explorers, the Square Enix spin-off that's exclusive to 3DS. Packed with fan service, it's managed to secure 11th place in the all-format UK chart (12th in single-format), which is a reasonable effort as it's the highest placed single format game to be found in the main results. It's also, naturally, number one in the 3DS-only chart.

The other big success of the past week was LEGO Marvel's Avengers, which secured top spot in the all-format results. The Nintendo versions were poorer performers, though, as PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS3 were all in the single-format top 10, while the Wii U version made its début in 20th place. The 3DS version only snuck into 39th place in the single format stakes, though it did outperform the Vita iteration that didn't make the top 40. In terms of the system-specific charts, this LEGO entry was top on Wii U and second behind Final Fantasy Explorers on 3DS.

A better week for Nintendo's systems and their games in the UK, with Final Fantasy Explorers clearly getting some love from franchise fans.

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