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The recent Awesome Games Done Quick marathon served as a fantastic example of speedrunners demonstrating their practiced skill with impressive results. In the wake of its conclusion earlier this month, we've got just the video for anyone still needing their fix of game-breaking talent on display.

While not exactly speedrunning per se, YouTuber Pannenkoek2012 has been working on a ridiculously complex playthrough of Super Mario 64, where he completes the game using as few button presses as possible. It's about as nightmarishly difficult as it sounds, and given that one of the techniques to get around jumping involves running into a wall for 12 hours straight, it takes quite a bit of dedication too.

Over the course of 25 minutes, this video from a little earlier this year goes into intense detail about some of the elaborate techniques involved in collecting just one star of 120. His casual references to parallel dimensions and quantum tunnelling - combined with diagrams worthy of a PhD in Mushroom Kingdom mathematics - make it a challenging watch, but it's an amazing example of what total mastery of a game can accomplish. Warping through reality and freezing time all to avoid a single jump is hilariously impressive in its own strange way.

You might even remember Pannenkoek2012 as the player who offered a $1000 bounty to anyone who could recreate a strange Super Mario 64 glitch, so check out the video below and brush up on your skills. If you can understand a single word of it, that is...