Super Mario 64 speedrunner Pannenkoek20012 is offering a cool $1,000 to anyone who can reproduce a glitch which has the potential to dramatically change future speedrunning attempts on the famous N64 platformer.

The glitch - which was spotted in the game's Tick Tock Clock level and allows the player to skip part of the level - was discovered entirely by accident by Twitch user DOTA_Teabag. You can see it in the video below.

Pannenkoek20012 hopes that if the glitch can be replicated and understood, it can be used on other levels and have an even bigger impact on the Mario 64 speedrunning scene.

If you think you can recreate the glitch, all you have to do is record your effort using the Mugen 64 emulator in a .m64 and .st file, and then share the results with Pannenkoek20012. You could be $1,000 richer for your trouble!

[source eurogamer.net]