Krystal Smash Bros

YouTube account Smashified - a series dedicated to bringing our favourite video-game characters into Super Smash Bros. via the form of graphic art - has added its latest entry to the series; Star Fox's Krystal.

The video below shows a sped-up version of the project - which they've said has taken months to complete - and it really is awesome and intriguing to witness the effort required to produce a piece of artwork of such calibre. There's also some 3D modelling involved too, which was needed to create Krystal's staff, visor and furry texture.

If you haven't checked out their previous work already, you can do so on their channel where they've taken on King K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Isaac, Bomberman, Shantae, Inkling, Travis, Banjo & Kazooie, Shovel Knight, and Rayman. Yes, basically most of the probable favourites for the Smash Fighter Ballot - and probably the closest we'll ever get to having them in the game!

Are you a fan of their work, or do projects like these add salt to old wounds? Who would you like to see Smashified cover next?