There's only one true way to cement your credentials as a serious fan of a franchise. Sure, you could design T-Shirts, recreate a level out of coloured pins or produce a post-it-note stop-motion animation, but that'd all be so 2014. If you want to be a hardcore fan now you have to recreate an old game in Unreal Engine 4 - it's the only way.

We're being silly, of course, but plenty of budding programmers and game designers have been recreating classic Nintendo franchise using the development tool. Now there's a rather neat recreation of the Kanto Region, which creator Preston Dunagan worked on for 7 months; it's apparently using a 1:1 scale from counting steps in the original games. We're not sure how accurate it is, frankly, but it's impressive nonetheless - there's some pop-in along with slightly strange wobbly / distortion effects, but it's much better than anything we could do.

Check it out below.