Fans of competitive Super Smash Bros. tournaments have something to look forward to in the coming week - Genesis 3 is taking place in San Jose, with thousands of entrants and an ongoing rivalry lined up.

The rivalry in question is between Mango and Armada, who made the Melee top two in 2009 and 2011 in the previous two Genesis events - their progress in the tournament will no doubt be a focus for plenty that watch. Mew2King and Hungrybox are also confirmed among various others, with those two well-known competitors doubling up in the Melee and Wii U events. In total there are apparently 1840 signed up for Melee, 1097 for Smash Bros. 4 and 239 for the N64 original.

Nintendo is also backing this event for the first time.

The event is running from San Jose on January 15th-18th, and we're planning to share the live streams once they're up and running.

Will you be following this event to get your competitive juices flowing for 2016?