Mercedes Super Mario Maker.jpg

Yes, that is a Mercedes 'outfit' in Super Mario Maker. No, we haven't faked this in Photoshop. Yes, this is actually happening.

Mario Kart 8 fans may recall when free Mercedes DLC - with three karts in total - arrived in the racer; it was a bit tacky, but ultimately you could ignore the cars and pretend they didn't exist. After all, Mario needs to pay for his moustache comb and wax somehow, so sponsored deals like this can happen.

Well, now we have the 'Mercedes-Benz GLA costume' with a little pixel Mario driving, which is unlockable through a new Mercedes Event Course that'll arrive in the game on 9th December (today). The course is supposed to represent a visit to a dealership, hitting the highway etc, which sounds ambitious but we suspect will have little bearing on the actual level. It's due to arrive today - at the time of writing it hasn't gone live, but likely will very soon.

With commercial partnerships like these you get some fluff comments from executives. These ones are quite entertaining due to, we suspect, a disconnect with how gamers typically feel about such crossovers. First up is Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Super Mario Maker continues to grow and evolve with new courses and content. It's great that a luxury car brand like Mercedes-Benz recognizes the ability to create fun courses and share them with others.

Righto, and now Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz cars on how much the brands have in common...

We are delighted to once again be represented in a blockbuster game like Super Mario Maker. Mercedes-Benz and Super Mario have a lot in common. Above all, they share the same vision: to inspire their customers and fans.

In the end these partnerships arguably don't hurt anyone, as the content is free and easily ignored. That doesn't mean we all have to like it, however.

Will you be accelerating through Super Mario Maker in a Mercedes, or does the idea make you roll your eyes clean out of their sockets? Let us know!