The Holiday season is upon us, which is rather jolly indeed. No, that's not cynicism, but actually sincere - it's a time of year when we can spend more time with family and friends, and either go all in with gift buying and giving or simply hand over the gift of our precious time. Don't offer 'time' to all loved ones, though, they might think you're cheap rather than charming.

Anyway, Nintendo's getting into the spirit with an early batch of festive 3DS HOME Themes in Japan; we suspect at least one will make its way to the West at some point. The main one is a Mario Bros. effort, which even has a nice jingly version of the first game's theme.

Fans of Numuneko (sleepy cats) will also like the following theme that's out today in Japan.


Will you be grabbing any festive 3DS HOME Themes to get into the spirit this year?