There aren't many Wii U eShop exclusives, so when they come around they always grab attention. Temple of Yog will be the next to do just that, with the intriguing roguelike from CHUDCHUD Industries now confirmed for a debut in North America on 16th December, though it'll fall into early 2016 in Europe with a 7th January release.

Intriguingly it's going to be released in chunks, or 'Epochs', with the studio's press release explaining that it'll be a model suited to early adopters - those that buy early will pay the initial price and get all additional content releases for free, while those that buy the game later will gradually need to pay more as the game grows. It's a model we've seen on the eShop before, and it's broken down as follows.

The First Epoch (16th December NA / 7th January EU): $5.99 USD
- Age of the Wilderness

The Second Epoch (Spring 2016): $6.99 USD
- Age of the Plow
- Age of the Fist
- PvP Online Multiplayer

The Third Epoch: $7.99 USD
- Age of the Atom
- Age of the Zealot

The Final Epoch: $9.99 USD
- Age of Ascension

As for how it'll utilise the Wii U, as confirmed earlier in the year players will fight their way through and explore procedurally generated areas, but there'll be regular switches between a Light world on the TV and Shadow world on the GamePad as you try to guide your 'Tribute' through the various challenges. There'll be boss fights, multiple class types and the opportunity to build up and improve your village, for example.

It certainly sounds promising - check out the trailer and let us know whether you're tempted to give this a try.